Public Parking

Titre - 2eme Meeting - E

Welcome to Murten!

Public parking lots:

Visitors are asked to use public parking lots and to follow the correspondant signage. Badly parked cars will be fined.

Parking places for disabled persons:

The entire meeting area is easily accessible to disabled persons.
Some parking places will be available on the meeting area itself.

Parking places for visitors:

During summer time public parking lots are often crowded.

The organization comitee foresees free of charge parking lots for visitors around Murten. Indicator panels will lead you there.

Vintage busses will run between the parking lots and the meeting area.

Bus schedules:

Busses will run between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Vintages busses will run between the parking lots and the meeting area.

Two-way-ticket: CHF 5.-
Busses are free of charge for children under 10 years.

For visitors access to the meeting area is free of charge.

Way to the parking lots for visitors:

Parkplatz Sportanlage
Wilerweg 45 | 3280 Murten | Switzerland

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